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ZITZone Information Table
ZITZentrum Informationstechnik (German: Information Technology Center)
ZITZone d'Interdiction Temporaire (French: Temporary Prohibited Area, aeronautical)
ZITZappa Institute of Technology (audio engineering)
ZITZeta Iota Tau (Texas Tech University Drumline)
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Applying lotions and moisturizes will just aggravate the condition and create more zits.
There are voices in ZIT which cannot be heard while in office,'' says Shinji Hirai, director of the general affairs department at the Tottori prefectural government and also a ZIT member.
At each visit, I have them lie on their backs while I work on their zits and their lifestyles.
Not only is this a jab at the existence of our zits, it points out the limits of our beauty.
So you do more: liposuction, laser zit and/or mole removal.
We give them tools to help them realize their day isn't ruined because they find a zit on their nose or don't get the highest grade," she says.
IT started simply as a spot - the sort of zit you hope will stay away for those moments in life when image feels like everything.
Geri Halliwell looks more like Spotty Spice than Ginger Spice as she squeezes a zit.
Sometimes the opening of a sebaceous gland, or pore, plugs up with a lump of oil and dead skin cells-that's a zit.
Mapped with false colors to indicate temperature differences, such a pattern looks like acne, and so some of the scientists involved call this the ZIT model.
It's great to provide information about acne or birth control, but it is even better when our users can purchase zit medicine or condoms found right on the site," said Chelsea Farley, MPH, President and Chief Editor of ZapHealth.
That said, nothing quite prepared her for the day last summer on the 20th Century Fox lot when she was filming a scene where her character needed to pop a giant zit - ``we're talking Guinness book,'' Hanigan says - and she ran into Hugh Grant, who was filming a movie on a nearby sound stage.