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ZLS Author Institute, a division of ZLS Publishing will kick off Book Publishing Camp for Kids, its summer art and writing camp, in June.
The only book publishing camp dedicated to kids, ZLS Author Institute offers kids in grades 4-8 a special opportunity to work with professional writers and artists, as well as aspiring ones, to craft their own stories and art.
During the evolution, only the neighborhood of the ZLS is updated due to the presence of [delta]([PHI]) factor in the Euler-Lagrange equations.
Some of the laboratories in addition have special accreditations by Russian GOSSTANDART, Chinese CNAL, Taiwanese BSMI, Korean RRL, Australian NATA, and German ZLS.
where ZLS = standardized life satisfaction score and ZJS = standardized job satisfaction score.
The particle size of a dilute solution of Di-AC in THF was determined via Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) with a PSS NICOMP 380 ZLS.
2 overhaul kits (consisting of 2 pieces of the energy absorber BAK-12, 1 piece retaining ropes and pulleys) detention facilities, aircraft type ZLS BAK-12 to restore the original technical properties.