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ZLTZürcher Lesetest
ZLTZones Locales de Tri
ZLTZero Latency Transfer (Solid Data Systems)
ZLTZero Lock Time (PLL Dynamics)
ZLTZimbabwe Leaf Tobacco Ltd
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Region Sublocation Coordinates PC Jiuquan JinTa N 39[degrees]59' E 98[degrees]54' JJT YinDa N 39[degrees]48' E 98[degrees]34' JYD XiDong N 39[degrees]39' E 98[degrees]28' JXD ZongZai N 39[degrees]38' E 98[degrees]39' JZZ Zhangye LuoTuocheng N 39[degrees]21' E 99[degrees]37' ZLT NiJiaying N 39[degrees]01' E 100[degrees]08' ZNJ MinYong N 39[degrees]00' E 100[degrees]18' ZMY XiaoMan N 38[degrees]55' E 100[degrees]27' ZXM Region Sublocation N [N.
An agreement with ZLT Zeppelin to supply Goodyear with the new airships was announced in May 2011.
Orthodox Israeli rabbi and ZLT leader Benjamin Silverman hires an American archeology Ph.
Delivery should be completed by the supplier to the warehouse ZLT from Monday to Friday.
New communications technology / ZLT at the stations GlauburgstraE-e and model school at the metro line U5.
02 heating installation- Approximately 2 000 m of black steel pipes DN 15-150,- 500 m steel pipes DN 15-50,- 200 m plastic pipes DN 25-100,- 1 piece ZLT / GLT-conditioning,- 1 piece gas-fired condensing boiler system including gas torches and accessories 635 kW.
The tender includes the technical crew Electronics / Telecommunications / ZLT.
An international team of engineers and technicians from Goodyear and Germany s ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik worked side by side to complete the build project.
Electrical installation work - 1 unit low voltage main distribution,- 1 pc emergency lighting system- About 5 pcs sub-distributions,- About 8500 lm power lines,- About 2 100 running low voltage lines- About 19 to 800 running meters IT data network (CAT and fiber optic)- About 1 250 pcs installation equipment,- Approx 220 pcs ZLT Control (KNX devices)- 20 pcs lighting fixtures.