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ZMBZoologisches Museum Berlin (German: Zoological Museum Berlin)
ZMBZentrale Medizinische Bibliothek (German: Central Medical Library)
ZMBZero Memory Bytes (computing)
ZMBZero-Moisture Basis (phytochemicals)
ZMBZero Momentum Bias
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Paralectotypes: RMNH D814-815 (2, stuffed), 1429 (2, dry), D2326 (I, stuffed), D2361 (I, stuffed); ZMB 1660 (I).
To put it differently, from the 2000s onward, when the positive values of the natural balance begin to concentrate in certain areas of the ZMB, demographic growth is catalyzed by the young couples which are moving to these areas and participating in the birth rate increase within the respective perimeters.
MOL said that crude oil production had been falling in the ZMB field for years, after it reached its peak production level in 2005.
The European Commission has cleared the acquisition of joint control of Italy's Enia Energia by Enia together with Centrex Europe Energy & Gas, ultimately controlled by the state-controlled Bank for Foreign Trade of the Russian Federation, and by Gazprom company ZMB GmbH.
Exports to the CIS countries also travel through intermediaries ZMB (Switzerland) and RosUkrEnergo and are mixed with gas volumes from Central Asia.
7 Zambia ZMB 129 Asia Bangladesh BGD 148 Cambodia KHM 156 Indonesia IDN 133 19.
Other abbreviations for of institution names are: ZFMK, Zoologisches Farschungsinstitut und Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn, and ZMB, Zoologisches Museum, Humboldt-Universitat, Berlin.
The European Commission has approved the acquisition of joint control of Wingas UK Storage Ltd by Gazprom-owned ZMB GasspeicherHolding GmbH, of Austria, and BASF-owned Wingas GmbH, Germany.
His company, ZMB Property Management, reports continued demand for luxury apartments to rent in central Worcester.