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ZMDZombies of Mass Destruction (comic book series)
ZMDZentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden (German chip manufacturer)
ZMDZentralstelle für Maschinelle Dokumentation
ZMDZentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Center for Art and Media Technology)
ZMDImpedance Measuring Device
ZMDZero Miss Distance (missile intercept)
ZMDZoink Media Design (Saginaw, TX)
ZMDZero Mean Damping
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The new Penang automotive backend production floor joins the IDT Automotive Center of Excellence of ZMD AG in Dresden, Germany, which has been successfully certified since 2004 as ZMDI, a company IDT acquired in December 2015.
Algorithm ZMD Input two positive coprime integers p and q with p > q Output: coefficients [a.
Commercial fields where ZMD could be used include the petroleum industry, automotive design, medical training and architectural planning.
The ZigBee Alliance hosted a press and analyst reception, was on hand to discuss advances in the wireless market and hosted a ZigBee Pavilion to showcase ZigBee-ready products from Airbee, CompXs, Ember, Freescale Semiconductor, Millenial Net, Motorola, OKI and ZMD.
Waters previewed its new ZQ MS that is easily one-half the size of the ZMD which it will likely replace in time.
Total quantity or scope: Measurement data transmission equipment using 3G standard for electronic electricity meters production Landis + Gyr series ZMG, ZMD "- in the amount of 1,991 pcs.
Meanwhile, ZMD President Aiman Mazyek thanked the German leaders for accepting the invitation to the vigil, and renewed condemnation of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo which claimed 17 lives.
ZMD AG has expanded their product portfolio with successive-approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital verters (ADCs).
ZMD International, a manufacturer of vacuum forming, thermoforming, and pressure-forming machines and systems, is offering "Back to Basics" thermoformers in its V100 Series.
13]C} flow cell with a 60-[micro]L active volume, in series with o Waters ZMD single quadrupole mass spectrometer.
The CapLC is designed to work with Waters ZMD mass spectrometers as well as ones made by Micromass.
ZMD recently announced their high-precision, low-power, low-voltage multi-channel ZMD21013 sensor signal interface circuit.