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ZNPZinc Pyrithione (fungicide)
ZNPZanzibar Nationalist Party
ZNPZion National Park
ZNPZwiazek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego (Polish trade union)
ZNPZwiazek Narodowy Polski (Polish: Polish National Alliance)
ZNPZion Nuclear Plant
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Joining the ZNP, he became its principal propagandist and by 1958, his political fortunes had risen with the ascendancy of the ZNP.
In November 1959, in his capacity as general secretary of the ZNP, he secured the agreement of UAR [Egypt] authorities to the establishment of an office in Cairo.
In January 1960 and 1961, he established ZNP offices in London [UK] and Havana [Cuba] and staffed both with persons loyal to himself.
NPS submitted an application for federal emergency relief funds to assist with the needed repairs and reconstruction of the flood-damaged roadways within ZNP.
In an effort to mitigate potential impacts to the local economy, ZNP Superintendent Don Falvey informed the community of Springdale that the roadway would be open by Memorial Day weekend in late May.
ZNP staff did not want to use black rock, preferring red sandstone to blend with natural rock formations found in Zion Canyon.
NPS and ZNP staff expressed concern regarding the aesthetics of the retaining wall.
The limited schedule for design activities required a substantial amount of coordination between CFLHD staff, A/E designers, NPS staff, ZNP staff, the wall vendor, regulatory agencies, and the contractor.
CFLHD set aside additional funds to enable ZNP staff to assist in special restoration and landscaping activities.
ZNP staff again maintained a strong desire to have major construction activities completed and the roadway open by Memorial Day 1996.
When independence was negotiated in 1962, it led to the formation of a right-wing coalition government made up of the right-wing of the ZNP and a right-wing splinter of the ASP.
Some of them had, as ZNP members, received military training and other education in Cuba.