ZNWZeitschrift fur die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft
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The ZNW program was born out of the SPI Recycling Committee's Emerging Trends Subcommittee, chaired by Kathy Xuan, CEO of plastics recycler PARC Corp.
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Repair of lute fan motor for mines JSW SA (6 tasks) Task 1 - Repair of fans lute series: WLE 303 E[cedilla] 813, GWE, USE, ADF,Task 2 - Repair fans lute series: WLE 1000 drive series: WIR, VVDU, ZN, ZNW, UO, DW, WWG,Task 3 - Renovation fans lute series: VPAK, VPAV,Task 4 - Repair fans lute series: WLP, WLEP,Task 5 - Repair of fans lute series: WL SIGMATask 6 - Renovation fans lute series: Korfmann ES, DgalThe term of the contract: 24 months with effect from 04.
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The fifth section on the burial of Jesus is a reprint of another article which appeared in ZNW 72 (1981), 141-77.