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ZOAZionist Organization of America
ZOAZone of Avoidance (astronomy survey)
ZOAZambia Orphans of AIDS (UK, US and Zambia)
ZOAZone of Action
ZOAZucker Obese Rats (immunopathology)
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Blake's Critique of Transcendence: Love, Jealousy, and the Sublime in The Four Zoas.
Though Brandeis was replaced as head of the ZOA by men who were more capable of working with Weizmann, his identification of Zionism with the American way of life would in fact continue to be promoted in the United States.
The ZOA noted that Obama's use of this term "unjustly designates the biblical, religious, and historical heartland of the Jewish people for millennia, before the Arab conquest of the region in the seventh century, as belonging to Palestinian Arabs.
This change in the government's policy to campus antisemitism is a result of a lengthy IJCR campaign headed by Marcus and followed by other organizations such as the ZOA.
Weeks earlier, ZOA "condemn(ed) Goldstone's despicable anti-Israeli UN report, based on unsubstantiated testimony & perversion of legal norms.
Those agencies which believe in the Jewish renaissance and appreciate the place of Hebrew in Jewish life must assume the responsibility of awakening our own adolescents to demand more Hebrew in the public educational system," he wrote in 1939, shortly after his departure from the ZOA, pointing an accusatory finger at his former employer.
While there they will work alongside local workers picking tea and coffee, drying fruit and fishing for Chambo, at the Zoa Tea Estate in southern Malawi.
The ZOA was angry that Obama did not thank former US president George W.
The survey was conducted among 498 Israelis who voted in last week's general election and ahead of the "Forming a Government" gathering to be held on Tuesday in ZOA House in Tel Aviv.
Northumbria University graduate ZoA, 25, has joined BHP's office in Newcastle, where she is currently working with the commercial litigation team.
The team he is leading will include one London-based member of CORD and two from its Dutch aid partner ZOA.