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ZOBZentraler Omnibus Bahnhof (German: Central Bus Station)
ZOBZydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Fighting Organization; Warsaw Ghetto)
ZOBZébu Overseas Bank (humanitarians promoving rural development in Madagascar Island)
ZOBZuid-Oost Brabant (Dutch: South-East Brabant; Netherlands)
ZOBZuid-Oost Beemster (Dutch: South-East Beemster; Netherlands; soccer team)
ZOBZone of Benefit (various locations)
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Toczek points out that the Polish Home Army (AK) behaved in a similar fashion to the ZOB and that the Germans repeated their past mistakes.
A swathe of soft landscaping, trees, ground covering bushes and seating along paths, extending from the plaza and skirting the ZOB facilities should also help filter carbon dioxide and fumes.
LM-7: ZOB West - Rosenhang - ZOB West - Ahlbach - Dietkirchen - ZOB West - On milestone - ZOB West