ZOCAZone of Cooperation Area
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In addition to defining the areas governed, the Treaty provides for the creation of a Ministerial Council and a Joint Authority to oversee the various rights and responsibilities involved in the petroleum exploration in ZOCA.
The sale package also includes BHP's interests in the Elang, Kakatua and Kakatua North oil fields in ZOCA 91-12 (33,000 bopd gross production), as well as the permits for the Sunrise, Troubador, Loxton Shoals, Sunset and Bard static gas resources (ZOCA 95-19 and 96-20; Northern Territory RL2 and P55).
Block ZOCA 91-13 is in the Zone of Cooperation A, an area jointly administered by Australia and Indonesia.
5 percent interest in ZOCA 91-13 boosting Phillips' stake in the permit to 60 percent.
Participating in ZOCA 91-13 are: Phillips ZOC (operator), and related subsidiaries of Phillips Petroleum Company, 60 percent; Oryx (ZOC) Energy Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Oryx Energy Company, 25 percent; and Hardy Timor Gap Petroleum Ltd.
Participating in ZOCA 91-13 are: Phillips ZOC (operator), a subsidiary of Phillips Petroleum Company, 37.
ZOCA 91-13 Partners: 236 feet Four drill- Zone of of water stem tests Cooperation (a)Oryx Energy conducted.
ZOCA 91-13 Partners: 292 feet Drill-stem Zone of Cooperation (a)Oryx Energy of water test Offshore Australia/ (25%) results: Indonesia (a)Bridge Oil 35 million Timor Sea Inc.
ZOCA 91-13 Partners: 364 feet Zone of Cooperation (a)Oryx Energy of water Offshore Australia/ (25%) Indonesia (a)Hardy Timor Gap Petroleum 185 miles off NW Ltd.
Three successful appraisal wells have also been drilled on the extension of the Bayu structure in the adjacent ZOCA 91-12 block, with results that indicate a consistent gas-water contact occurs across the field.
The Bayu gas wells are located in ZOCA 91-13, 300 km (185 miles) off the northwest coast of Australia in 73 meters (240) feet of water.
Zianum, conocido como un bio-regulador y antagonista natural de los fitopatogenos, este producto es utilizado en Colombia en investigaciones para la proteccion de zocas del cafe frente al ataque de Cerotocystis fimbrrata.