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ZPPZongshen PEM Power Systems Inc. (Canada)
zppZirconium Production Plant
ZPPZirconium Potassium Perchlorate
ZPPZero Point Process
ZPPZinc Proto-Porphyrin
ZPPZero Probability Polynomial (complexity theory, randomized algorithms)
ZPPZoo Pilot Publishing (Taos, NM)
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5-2 years < 70 fL, 2-5 years < 73 fL, 5-8 years < 75 fL, 9-13 years < 76 fL, 14-17 years < 77 fL, 18 years or older < 80 fL [11]; (5) ZPP > 38 [micro]g/dL.
The aim of our study was to screen preschool children for blood lead level with an objective to estimate ZPP levels among preschool children attending OPD and admitted to wards and to confirm blood lead levels in children whose ZPP is [greater than or equal to] 35ugm/dl.
In this study, the crystallization behavior of PVDF composites containing ZPP (known as a nucleating agent for PLA) was examined.
We need the market to know there's been no change to the structure of the company," said David Stringer, vice president, sales and marketing at ZPP.
Earlier studies comparing ZPP and serum ferritin have shown that the sensitivity and specificity of ZPP varies from 60 to 98 per cent and 55 to 95 per cent respectively (13-15).
Six published occupational studies related ZPP to ALAD polymorphism (Alexander et al.
ZPP measurements have been included in the anemia investigation protocol of our laboratory for several years.
A BLL obtained approximately 1 hour after ingestion of the glaze was [less than]5 [micro]g/dL; ZPP was 54 [micro]g/dL.
ZPP signed a lease with Burnham Pacific Properties on August 28, 1998 for the lease of 16,000 square feet on the ground floor at the Burnham property located at 1000 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco (home to the AMC megaplex).
The ZPP board believes the Bid is a good use of the company's funds as it is well-capitalised to fund expansion plans for its electric motorcycle and small gas motorcycle business and to take on strategic investment opportunities, such as acquisitions, joint ventures and new product developments.
As the manufacturer of record (MOR) for the engines, ZPP takes full responsibility for certifying the engines that it distributes through a network of global dealers.