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ZRPZimbabwe Republic Police
ZRPZone Routing Protocol
ZRPZeitschrift für Romanische Philologie (German: Journal of Romance Philology; est. 1877)
ZrPZirconium Phosphate
ZRPZyxin-Related Protein
ZRPZarphatic (SIL code for an extinct language of France)
ZRPZambian Republican Party
ZRPZero Range Process
ZRPZona Radiata Protein
ZRPZero Range Potential
ZRPZinc Rich Paint
ZRPZinc Rich Primers
ZRPZone de Responsabilité Permanente (French)
ZRPZonal Research Program
ZRPZero Resistance Performance
ZRPZoric Race Products
ZRPZdravReform Program
ZRPZero Right Prime
ZRPZero Reply Post (internet forum)
ZRPZeidler Roberts Partnership, Inc
ZRPZone de Réserve des Pêches
ZRPProvisioning Support Request Transaction
ZRPZimmerly Rock Products
ZRPPennsylvania Railway Station
ZRPZero Retinomotor Point
ZRPZone per la Raccolta della Popolazione
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George abided by this warning, but at the games the ZRP arrested ten of the students distributing fliers signed by George critiquing the cost of university fees.
In order to utilize the network resources efficiently, HCAR absorbs the quintessence of ZRP to use proactive strategy between nodes within individual clusters and reactive strategy between clusters, not like CBRP to use on-demand strategy between nodes of both intracluster and intercluster communication to purely decrease the routing overhead and HSR, CGSR to use table-driven strategy to communicate in both intra- and interzone to decrease average end-to-end delay but increase the cost of routing overhead unwillingly.
He added that the ZRP agreed to provide sessions at the center about abuse and are interested in future community social events.
The ZRP BIOREACTOR Systems has, in addition to the 500ml and 5,000ml BIOREACTORS, a 50ml disposable units for individual patients or small-scale experiments.
protocols in ZRP [16], DSR [6], TORA [4], and AODV [5] all can achieve this), nodes can switch to an alternative route when the primary route appears to have failed.
Contra" ZRP (Zeitschrift fur Rechtspolitik) 2006 Heft 7, 239.
30(3) ZRP (ZEITSCHRIFT FUR RECHTSPOLITIK) 99, 99 (1997) [hereinafter Kinzig, Die Sicherungsverwahrung].
The ZRP and other Zimbabwean law enforcement organs have allowed the depredations to proceed unchecked -- or have eagerly joined in the mayhem.
Los Angeles-based developer ZRP Burbank LLC, an affiliate of Zelman Retail Partners, has started construction on a $160 million complex called Burbank Empire Center on the former Lockheed Corp.
18) For full details of this experiment see nay article, 'Speakers' Perceptions of Non-Standard Vocabulary in French', ZRP, 105 (1989), 427-44.
Zum Negerportugiesischen der Kapverden', ZRP, 12 (1888), 313-22.