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ZSRZ. Smith Reynolds (foundation; North Carolina)
ZSRZeleznice Slovenskej Republiky (railway of Slovakia)
ZSRZeta Sedimentation Ratio
ZSRZero State Response (electric circuitry theory)
ZSRZimbabwe Sugar Refineries
ZSRZajednica Srba Rijeka (Croatian: Rijeka Serb Community; Rijeka, Croatia)
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medz]--buffer time per one train path according to the ZSR Regulation D 24 (1965) [min].
The squares were defined in compliance with the Regulation D 23 of ZSR (D 23 .
A few days later, the patient's ZSR fell to 68%, reflecting his improving clinical status.
At just over 6 weeks into treatment, the patient's ZSR continued to gradually decrease, but his creatinine level began to slowly rise.
The initiative to build the trans-shipment centre came from ZSR and was meant for all goods from the Nitra industrial park.
1% interest in ZSR to a company led by ZSR's senior management, and the business is now effectively owned by indigenous interests.
CBAQ will be led by ZSR management and will include the ZSR Workers' Trust, with financial support from ABC Holdings Limited.
ProjectWise(R): Mace Ltd - Mb1 -- Telecommunications: KPN Network Construction - Project CORBULO -- Transportation Operations and Maintenance: ZSR Stredisko Informatiky - Rail Publisher -- Utility: TransGrid - EDMS Solution -- Viecon: Indiana Department of Transportation - Viecon implementation at INDOT -- Visualization: Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates - Small Victorian Town
ZSR maintained its share of export markets in Botswana and Namibia.