ZUSZaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych (Polish: Social Insurance Institution)
ZUSZone Urbaines Sensibles (French: Sensitive Urban Areas)
ZUSZakladni Umelecka Skoly (Czech elementary school)
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In late 2005, attention focused on riots in the Parisian ZUS, when rampaging youth nightly torched cars and buildings.
In 2006, approximately 2,500 police were injured attempting to bring the rule of law to these ZUS, so many that the head of a French police union declared France's Muslim population was engaged in a civil war against the state.
ZUS is integrated into Zurich's global operations and strategy.
ZUS is widely recognized by American businesses as a major and strong commercial insurer in its own right.
ZUS has a very extensive reinsurance program, which protects it from severe losses that stem from natural occurrences.
ZUS is fully integrated into ZFS's global operations and the sharing of best practices.
ZUS commands a strong competitive position in the U.
ZUS is emphasizing small business, the only segment in which returns
ZUS will be able, however, to improve earnings modestly.
Part 2 - Protection of persons and property in Inspectorates ZUS in Opoczno, Skierniewice, a Field Office in Rawa Mazowiecka.
Part 3 - Protection of persons and property and Surveillance II ZUS Branch in LEdz.
ZUS is emphasizing small business, the only segment in which returns are good, more than it has in the past among its offerings in the commercial marketplace.