ZVIZero-Valent Iron
ZVIZone of Visual Influence
ZVIZero Volt Ionizer
ZVIZbrojovka Vsetin-Indet (Czech firearm manufacturer)
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As a result of these proven and measured improvements, in applications above 800 rpm, ZVI is able to guarantee a 10% improvement in valve efficiency and a 25% increase in service interval.
we were certainly aware of ARS' capabilities to inject ZVI at significant depths.
Adventus exclusively offers DARAMEND[R], EHC[R] and related ZVI technologies for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) along with TERRAMEND[R], AQUABLOK+[TM], EHC-O[R], O-Sox[TM], and mGCW-R[TM] systems to address myriad soil, sediment and groundwater impacts.
The ZVI Valve Cage- Integral features a ZVI StraightFlo (SF) Valve with a cage that does not need to be removed from the valve during servicing of the valve, installation or removal of the valve from the cylinder.
The ZVI Valve Cage - Removable can be used with a ZVI SF Valve or with conventional valves.
The ZVI Integral Valve cage is a revolutionary advancement in safety measures," says Zahroof Valves CEO Anthony Gioffredi.
To tackle these on-going issues and inefficiencies in the compressor, ZVI developed and introduced the SFV.
In addition to its 10 year warranty, the ZVI StraightFlo Valve has proven to improve valve efficiency by up to 40% and significantly extend run time between valve service intervals.
The presence of ZVI and other amendments unique to EHC-M(TM) formulations will yield rapid, irreversible, long-term immobilization of heavy metals - while simultaneously dechlorinating organic compounds.
The Adventus Group exclusively offers EHC and ZVI technologies along with ISBS in situ stabilization technology.
Eduard Alesi, president of GfS stated, "The integration of AAI's EHC and ZVI technologies with our superior GCW systems provides a next generation of remedial strategies to address complex environmental challenges throughout the world.
Given the unique ability to engineer, monitor and control critical operating parameters of the mGCW-R system, we can now most effectively introduce and distribute various remedial catalysts such as EHC and ZVI, and employ less expensive formulations of ZVI (say 1 to 5 micron range).