ZVLZoonotic Visceral Leishmaniasis (parasitic disease)
ZVLZero Velocity Line
ZVLZuctovacia a Vyplatna Listina (Czech)
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We conclude that the results of our study are consistent with a postwar reemergence and current increasing incidence of ZVL infection on Crete.
longipalpis from other biting flies in urban ZVL foci suggests that this fly does not constitute a substantial biting nuisance for the inhabitants.
This diversion would explain the presence of (usually canine) ZVL in wealthy districts adjacent to poorer neighborhoods, a pattern seen in many Brazilian cities.
Reductions in blood flow rate due to colonization of the pharynx and cibarium by Leishmania (33) could also make feeding on chickens preferable for infected sand flies, further favoring zooprophylaxis of ZVL.
Chicken houses are sprayed with residual insecticides as part of the current ZVL control strategy in Brazil (40), but this spraying is constrained by costs of materials and availability of trained personnel.
6% of the people interviewed said they would stop raising chickens if it was proved that keeping chickens increased the risk of acquiring ZVL.
In any case, ZVL is more likely to develop in children with moderate or severe malnutrition than in healthy children (43), and infant malnutrition is Common in Brazilian cities (values of 25.
Nonetheless, the results of epidemiologic studies that attempt to incriminate chickens as a risk factor for urban ZVL are conflicting.
A recent study modeled Trypanosoma cruzi transmission among populations of humans, dogs, and chickens in three Argentinian villages (45), a situation that may be considered analogous to that of urban ZVL foci in Brazil.