ZVSZentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen (Deutsche Behörde)
ZVSZero Voltage Switching
ZVSZeitschrift fuer Verkehrssicherheit (German traffic safety journal)
ZVSzero velocity surface
ZVSZupfmusik Verband Schweiz (Swiss music association)
ZVSZierer Visa Services, Inc (San Ramon, CA)
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The ISL6752 PWM is an excellent choice for ZVS full-bridge applications requiring adjustable synchronous rectifier drive, such as +12V output file server power supplies.
The fast body diode characteristic in the L Series HEXFET MOSFETs eliminates the need for additional Schottky and HV diodes in ZVS circuits, reducing component count, and shrinking space.
Power supplies using ZVS operate efficiently at high frequencies, reducing passive component size and increasing power density.
Bhasy Nair, Marketing Manager for AC-DC products at International Rectifier, said, "Most MOSFETs available in the marketplace are optimized for hard-switched circuits and can fail in ZVS circuits.