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ZWDZimbabwe Dollar
ZWDZweiwochendienst (German: Two Week Service)
ZWDZenith Wet Delay
ZWDZhuyu Wengong Decoction (dysmenorrhea)
ZWDZombie White Dragon (gaming)
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Slant integrated water vapour (SIWV) can be estimated with the same methodology applied to the transition of the ZWD to PWV (Champollion et al.
Slant path wet delay observations are retrieved for the ZWD GAMIT determination, using the mapping function formulation (Boehm et al.
The ZWD mean profiles are introduced also in the tomographic equation system as external information with a discretization on the A matrix assuming the same negative exponential decay with altitude used for the characterization of the exiting rays that cross the grid lateral boundaries.
SWD3 computed from ZWD, horizontal gradients and post-fit residuals,
Generally, we obtained the best agreement between the GPS SWDs and WVR data-derived SWDs when the former were computed only from ZWD without any further investigation of horizontal gradients or residuals.
Al respecto, el ZWD se estimo a partir de las observaciones GPS y del modelo Wet-Niell (Niell, 1996), calculando los parametros troposfericos especificos del lugar de observacion con una resolucion temporal de 30min.
En la Figura 2 se presenta la serie de tiempo que revela el comportamiento del ZWD de la estacion MARA para un periodo de una semana cualquiera del ensayo, y la Figura 3 representa la misma variable obtenida para los meses de duracion del estudio; en ellas se aprecia como el ZWD oscila entre 0,23 y 0,45m, tal que puede afirmarse que el retardo humedo medio para la estacion de observacion es de 0,34m.
The wet component of Zenith Tropospheric Delay ZWD is the foundation for computing of water vapor content in the atmosphere.
The IPWV is delivered according to equations (3 and 4) from ZWD and give the information about contents of water vapor (2D model) above GNSS stations.
The contract is for service repair and maintenance of command and control weapons OPL (OPL ZWD catching, REGA-1 (WD-2001), REGA-2, REGA-3, REGA-4, REGA-5, WD-95) in the period 2015-2017.