ZXTMZeus Extensible Traffic Manager (software)
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Zeus' ZXTM solution lowers costs for data centre space and power, cuts the cost of bandwidth and offers the highest scalability of any application delivery controller or load balancer in the industry.
The Zeus traffic manager is ideally suited to expand VAR opportunities in both the SMB and enterprise markets as ZXTM enhances existing networking applications with higher performance data access and retrieval as well as extensive security features.
Zeus' comprehensive and flexible ZXTM AFM solution will help online businesses by providing compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a requirement that regulates how organizations process, transmit or store credit card information.
The Zeus Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program will enable Xtraordinary Hosting to offer Zeus' ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager) software on a monthly basis.
ZXTM Load Balancer (ZXTM LB), for networked and Web-enabled applications
Sagar Vadher, Head of IT, IWOOT, comments, "When Secon first recommended Zeus' ZXTM, I was not convinced that a software solution would meet our requirements.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Zeus Technology, the only software-based application traffic management company, is today announcing it has created a new ZXTM software plugin for Eclipse, one of the leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Zeus now provides its advanced ZXTM traffic management software within Joyent Accelerators - virtualized servers that deliver a highly scalable and fast on-demand infrastructure for websites and web applications.
The tests were carried out using Zeus Technology's ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager) software on Sun SPARC Enterprise servers and AMD and Intel-based servers.
Zeus SPLA enables service providers to use Zeus' ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager) software on a monthly basis with the flexibility to deploy more or fewer ZXTMs as needed, allowing them to create additional revenue opportunities with minimal upfront costs.
Under the agreement, Zeus will sell selected Sun[TM] appliances fully integrated with ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager), Zeus' high-performance application delivery solution.
With millions of developers downloading GlassFish, the GlassFish Partner initiative helps Zeus to showcase ZXTM, our extensible application delivery solution, to this important open source community," said Steve Webb, vice president of Strategic Accounts, Zeus Technology.