ZYMZion Youth Ministry (various locations)
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Each sample was assayed for 19 digestive enzymes (Table 1) using api ZYM test kits (bioMerieux, Inc.
Using reagent-grade enzymes, we evaluated if enzyme activity determined with the api ZYM kit could be quantified.
The api ZYM kit was useful for the determination of the absence/ presence of 19 digestive enzymes in three species of mussels.
The majority of enzymes analyzed by the api ZYM enzyme test kit are primarily located in tissues associated with digestive function (BRENDA enzyme portal; accessed September 7, 2013; www.
Our results suggest that the api ZYM kit should not be used to quantify enzymatic activity, but could be a valuable tool to compare relative activities among samples and identify trends.
Unlike any product on the market today, ZYM is an effective, portable and convenient way to stay hydrated -- just drop in water, drink & go.
ZYM meets the need for active individuals who's tired of dealing with messy powders.