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ZYXZhel Yen Xuan
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Limited Central Associates Limited Estates Direct Limited Smartsaver Limited Smart Saver International Limited The international Sportsman's Club plc ZYX Report Limited Bike Avenue Despatch Limited Realcyber Limited S.
I fear that the general "use caution" disclaimer in most magazines will not be enough when some idiot writer says 50 grains of XYZ (pistol powder) when he really meant 50 grains of ZYX (rifle powder) with the result that handloader klutz loses half his head.
When one looks for a program named ZYX using Archie, for example, it would be useful to specify a preference for, say, a Unix implementation of the program.
Close-readings of some new media art projects including Bookchin's Mass Ornament, EDT's Transborder Immigrant Tool, and Jodi's ZYX demonstrate that new media art is questioning the very ontological status of the field in terms of abandoning aesthetic and artistic functions in favor of their functions of use.