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ZZTZZ Top (band)
ZZTZig-Zag Territories (record label)
ZZTZoo of Zero Tolerance (game creation system)
ZZTZuerichs Zynischer Theater (German: Zurich Cynical Theatre; Zurich, Switzerland)
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The S10m, S20m, ZZT, Acyclic Sprint, CMJ, and SJ were considered dependent variables (individually) and their combination was considered the independent variables.
002) of the performance in S10m; whereas, CMJ and ZZT represented additional 7% (P=0.
According to the findings, the vertical jump variables (CMJ and SJ) did not help explaining the ZZT and Acyclic Sprint performances; whereas, the S10m and S20m variables showed low explanatory power ([less than or equal to]5%) for sprints with change of direction.
The variables monitored in the current study (S10m, S20m, ZZT, Acyclic Sprint, CMJ, and SJ) emphasized different motor actions performed by soccer players during the matches.
These values were higher in SJ and CMJ than in ZZT in comparison to those found in the current study (ZZT- SJ, r = -0.
The S10m and S20m variables explained, together, less than 6% of the performance in acyclic sprints and 11% of ZZT in elite professional soccer players.