ZABAZine El Abidine Ben Ali (president of Tunisia)
ZABAZagrebaèka Banka (City of Zagreb Bank)
ZABAZimbabwe Amateur Boxing Association
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ZABA is the largest bank in Croatia, holding high market shares in sector customer loans and deposits (about 25%).
The band did not feel cowed by the triumph of Zaba.
Zaba was fun as hell, if a little bit introspective and at times, unaccessible.
Yet, like Zaba, it remains astonishingly accessible.
Glass Animals: Zaba FULL of smoky trip-hop and dark dance grooves, Oxford quartet Glass Animals' debut is a record that's more likely to garner appreciative nods than all-out adoration.
OXFORD outfit Glass Animals, who unveiled debut album Zaba on Monday, have been lined up for the Birmingham's One Beat Weekender urban festival on July 20.
Where there is communication, it is mainly on the same sex basis (usually mother-daughter and infrequently opposite sex such as father-daughter) as described by Wamoyi, Fenwick, Urassa, Zaba and Stones (2010).
Before I got my injury, I was playing more than not, but Zaba has come in and done fantastically well so I take my hat off to him.
I know there are a lot of games and I don't expect to play every game but the season we won the title me and Zaba rotated really well together so if we can do that this season I'll be happy.
Zaba (a place name from Ptolemy), (33) Ziamba (Champa, also mentioned by Marco Polo), (34) and Jambi (another name from Marco Polo--a place in Central Sumatra).
Como bien senalan otros investigadores, uno de los temas mas controvertidos y en los que la Iglesia tuvo mayor participacion, fue el proceso de aprobacion de los Contenidos Basicos Comunes o CBC (Nosiglia y Zaba, 2003).
Kandi ni nako bimeze no ku zindi ndimi gakondo mu bindi bihugu, kabone n'iyo zaba zitandikwa ntizinavugwe n'abaturage bose, kuko arizo zonyine zifasha mu kugera ku nzego zo hasi z'abaturage.