ZABIZone, Aisle, Bin, Item (warehouse location encoding)
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Our team (the bomb disposal unit in the Interior Ministry's anti-terror unit) dealt with 200 cases since January 2012," Lt-Col Al Zabi told the ministry's Al Amn radio station.
Zabi continued, "as Salafists, we ask for everyone to participate, Christians, Druze, Alawites and Kurds.
4) 'Adna / Basilqa / Adna (antique JVSTINIANA ZABI et aujourd'hui Bechilga) (17)
Ahmed Mohamad Ibrahim Al Zabi, Director of Fisheries, Ministry of Environment and Water, UAE; in the presence of other top executives from the Ministry.
Authorities incarcerated the alleged commander of the operation, Zabi uk-Taifi, outside Peshawar in January 2009.
Helicopter pilot Jason Steward, who was on leave from Afghanistan, hauled Afghan Zabi Tahery off his partner Katherina Dyrova and her mother before grabbing the 10in knife.
Zabi ul Taifi, a Saudi, was among seven al-Qaeda members caught in a raid near the main north-west city of Peshawar sparked by a tip-off from the US.
They said Zabiullah, who was known as Zabi, and his family had been visiting relatives in Norfolk at the time of the tragedy.
Having spurned two offers from Gerrard and Zenden to open his account from close range, the ball spilled out to Zabi Alonso, who fired into the gaping net.
With the help of some modern Arabic speakers and some accomodation to the modern system of Arabic transliteration, Lemay interprets Nimrod's apparent babble "Rafel mai amech zabi almi" (Inferno 31.
n The winners of our Footie Girl clothing range competition are Samantha Mallon, Speke; Holly Morgan, Crosby and Zabi Thornton, Walton.