ZAHALZewa Hagana le Jisrael (Defense Army for Israel)
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In the same letter in which he rejects his father's loving arguments for not returning to active service in Zahal as an officer, he generously praises his father's new book:
Beginning in 1969, Yoni rejoined Zahal as commander of an elite unit organized to incercept terrorist attacks and infiltration in the area of the Jordan Valley.
The foundation of Encyclopedia of Ukraine is Entskclopediia ukrainoznanstva, a reputable emigre publication that appeared after the Second World War and which itself was based on the earlier Ukrains' ka zahal na entsyklopediia, the first Ukrainian general alphabetical encyclopaedia.
Indeed, one of the reasons that Zahal has functioned so effectively as an educator is precisely because it has a core constituency which is its captive for twenty-four hours a day.
The ability to order atrisk young people into remedial programs, and to hold them there via military discipline, for example, gives Zahal authority that any nineteenth century common school system would have envied.
Thus, the culture advanced by the common school inevitably looks different from that promoted by Zahal.
In this context, the use of transnational history offers a unique opportunity for comparison and contrast of Zahal with its civilian counterpart that can serve only to illuminate and sharpen the common elements of both, as well as shed light on the process of state crea tion and development in the modern world.