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ZAKZero Administration Kit (Microsoft)
ZAKZghazagh Azzjoni Kattolika (Maltese: Youth Catholic Action; Malta)
ZAKZjednoczenie Apostolstwa Katolickiego (Polish: Unification of the Catholic Apostolate; Poland)
ZAKZukunft Ausbildung Karriere (German: Future Career Education)
ZAKZipper Sterile-Alpha-Motif Kinase
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Unable to share a house with Joanie, Zak kicks her out of Wishing Well Cottage, which leaves her wondering what on earth she's done wrong.
Zak, seven, had to have PS460 worth of treatment at the vets.
My choices for it were either Zak or his team-mate Kallum Watkins.
Consumer Contact: Zak Designs toll-free at 866-737-1148 from 8 a.
Concerned by what she saw, the mum-of-four contacted medics and Zak was later diagnosed with retinoblastoma - a rare type of eye cancer that affects children under five.
The countries of interest for Farmak are Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia, Zak told the news service.
Apart from a statement he released to the media following his dad's death, Zak has remained quiet, just letting Zelda deal with the media and the public.
Zak, aged 11, from Hatton, Warwick, raised the money for Type 1 diabetic charity, JDRF, by making and selling cakes and bird seed fat balls.
Meanwhile, Zak comes over to fix a broken window and makes it clear to Tracy he's watching her.
Having the whole family there celebrating with us was amazing and I have some beautiful pictures that I can show Zak in years to come.
The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in May, but Zak, based in Spokane.
ZaK, 41, is billed as a "natural entrepreneur and opportunist" and heads the UK's most successful mobile franchise, turning over in excess of PS20m.