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ZSZoological Society (UK)
ZSSource Impedance
ZSZend Studio (Zend)
ZSZellweger Syndrome
ZSZero Scale
ZSZombie Squad
ZSZeptosecond (10 to the power -21 of a second)
ZSZagat Survey
ZSZamil Steel
ZSZürcher Studentin (student newspaper in Zürich, Switzerland)
ZSZeitsoldat (German)
ZSZelda: Mystery of Solarus (game)
ZSZakharov-Shabat (scattering)
ZSZero and Subtract
ZSNavy Airship Scouting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1940s)
ZSZoltner and Sinha (founders of ZS Associates, a global management consulting firm)
ZSZonal Slot
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Nine papers consider such topics as the location of the discrete eigenvalues for defocusing Zakharov-Shabat systems having potentials with non-vanishing boundary conditions, the transverse instability of plane wave soliton solutions of the Novikov-Veselov equation, recent developments in semi-classical soliton ensembles for the focusing nonlinear Schr|dinger equation, relationships between the pressure and the free surface independent of the the wave speed, and comparing five methods of computing the Dirichlet-Neumann operator for the water wave problem.
Specific topics include an introduction to wave equations, the Zakharov-Shabat Eigenvalue problem, solitons and inverse scattering transforms, a tail-matching methods for the linear stability of multi-vector solitron bound states, and trapping light with grating effects.