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ZALValdivia, Chile - Pichoy (Airport Code)
ZALZone Artistique Libre (French: Free Art Zone; est. 2003; Quebec, Canada)
ZALZicom Australia Limited (software company; Australia)
ZALZeolite Australia Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia)
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Dekking onder arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekeringen zal ondersteuning op de verzekering die u ervoor kiest om gebruik te beperken.
With no one to challenege Zil Zal, what remained was the fight for the second spot.
Zal has also held a variety of leadership positions within the Department of Defense Federal and Intelligence agencies, including the role of Chief Information Officer of the FBI.
De algemene verwachting is dat Garcia niet met schokkende onthullingen zal komen.
Systematic sampling was used for recognizing and studying Permian brachiopods in the Zal Stratigraphic Section,; 60 samples were collected, along with corals and bryozoans, 13 genera and 27 species being recognized in the 15-meter thicksection.
In addition, the company appointed Arnaud Constant, Pierre-Olivier Goineau, Dr Alain Munoz and Franck Zal as new members to its board.
Maar de 6-metre giraf-vormige struik zal zich niet in orde maken.
Releasing at least two great albums of the 70s in Framed and Next, both masterpieces of malevolent power, Harvey was the menacing preacher while the likes of guitarist Zal Cleminson in sinister harlequin garb, was one of his capering acolytes.
The Colibri ZAL Series spindles feature an axial stiffness of 7 N/pm, a radial stiffness of 5 N/pm, a speed of 80,000 RPMs, and very low run out (0.
The ZAL Series has a speed of 80,000 rpm and low runout.
Although the oak tree looked healthy, it was actually decaying and posed a liability for the county, Zal said.
AIP said the fighting erupted as forces loyal to Dostum attacked Qala Zal District, the stronghold of the Jamiat-e-Islami group near the border with Tajikistan on Wednesday night.