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ZLZloty (currency of Republic of Poland)
ZLZero Line
ZLZalau (Romania car registration numbers)
ZLZone Leader (LDS church)
ZLFreezing Drizzle (Weather Symbol)
ZLZone Line (gaming, Everquest)
ZLZeptoliter (10 E^-21, one sextillionth)
ZLZeroth Law (website)
ZLZettaliter (10 E^21, one sextillion liters)
ZLZichrono Livracha (Hebrew: Of Blessed Memory)
ZLZyklon Loop (roller coaster)
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The group, led by senior nurse Carole Hallam, of Kirkburton, won the Infection Prevention and Control award for helping to reduce infections at Zalau Hospital, Transylvania, Romania.
Table 1--Efficiency in the game and lift share of different trajectories Trajectory During in seconds Share in game and efficiency Romania International Ascending 3-10 hundredths 8%-0,847 18%-0,863 of seconds Short for T1 17- hundredths of seconds 26%-0,726 21%-0,811 Short for T2 18-44 hundredths of seconds Rapidly 25-38 hundredths between the of seconds 14%-0,636 23%-0,733 4-3 zone Rapidly in 3-45 hundredths zone 4 of seconds Semi high on 65-90 hundredths 43%-0,678 23%-0,710 the net of seconds Semi high 60-80 hundredths 7%-0,512 13%-0,743 in line II of seconds Table 2--The share of setter with the setter in zone 1and 2 Zone 1 Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 2/1 Pipe Steaua 65 22 11 2 Dej 33 15 50 2 TOMIS Cta 25 36 25 14 Zalau 48 22 28 2 CSS1 Cta 18 21 58 3 Timisoara 43 14 26 14 MIN 18.
plants, Michelin produces Earthmover tires in Waterville, Canada; Campo Grande, Brazil; Le Puy-en-Velay and Montceau, France; Vitoria, Spain; and Zalau, Romania.
30pm Volleyball CEV - Asseco Resovia Rzeszow v Remat Zalau 7.
In addition to the Lexington plant, Michelin currently produces Earthmover tires around the world in Waterville, Canada; Campo Grande, Brazil; Le Puy and Montceau-les-Mines, France; Vitoria, Spain; and Zalau, Romania.
This will mainly supply seamless tube producer Silcotub Zalau in north-west Romania, also owned by tube giant Tenaris.
He was being treated for an allergy in Zalau, eastern Romania, when nurse Elvira Molodvan got out her scissors.
The nurses are heading to the Zalau hospital to share their expertise in caring for children.
In one Romanian hospital, in Zalau, three families of patients, who did not give bribes, instead gave sponsorship to the new Paediatric Surgical Ward--a promising example, with the current under-funding of Romanian hospitals.
s) supply of electricity at three points of consumption: - zalau county emergency hospital, Simion barnutiu street no.