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ZARZero Assumption Recovery
ZARZeus Acquisition Radar (US Army)
ZARZuidafrikaanse Rand (South African Rand)
ZARZone of Artificial Resources (video game)
ZARZero-G Antenna Range
ZARDemocratic Republic of the Congo (ISO Country code)
ZARZuid-Afrikaanse Republiek (Dutch)
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For the 4-month period ended 31 October 2015, the ZAR had depreciated against the GBP, with an average exchange rate of 20.
Zar became the first Pakistani athlete to score a medal in the special olympics history.
In view of the absence of significant reduction in SA's neonatal mortality rate over the past decade and the country failing dismally to reach this year's Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing its 1990 child mortality rate by two-thirds, Izindaba quizzed Zar on the most vital interventions required.
Zar Ali Khan said displaced children need dry milk, nets to be protected from mosquitoes, food, biscuits, garments, shoes, schools, drinking water, solar system and protection houses in case of orphans or missing.
Zar also stressed the need to form a government for the management of current affairs and organise elections once the NCA has fully discharged its mission.
Against USD, ZAR is most at risk; BRL is somewhere in the middle; RUB remains a currency with potential support.
Zar, the publisher of DarkBrain Comics and the creator of the stories DarkBrain publishes also announced that beginning in June of 2013, DarkBrain will be focusing on their Ascension Line of 4 comics with interconnected storylines and characters: Mirror/Mirror, Church of Two, The Witches Three and Rashida's Ascension.
In a statement issued after the successful placement of the ZAR Bond, Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said the South African market have held a long standing appeal for issuers outside of South Africa due to the favourable liquidity conditions and well developed capital markets.
Said's PEaA[logical not]cheurs Ea Rosette and El Zar will lead the two-day auction beginning that will showcase more than a hundred artworks meticulously picked by Christie's for its October sale.
Mabs Zar, who was deputy manager of the depot, was jailed for eight years, and Ravi Kumar, who also had a senior role at the depot, was jailed for four years.
From left: "Men in Black III" star Will Smith, 38 Greene Street and David Zar, president of Zar Properties (building source: PropertyShark) "Men in Black III" has rented a 9,000-square-foot loft in Soho for "quadruple" the normal rent to film an Andy Warhol-themed party scene for the upcoming film, the New York Post reported.
Charles McManus had just stolen an armful of pizzas as well as money and a mobile phone from Muhammad Zar.