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ZASouth Africa (according to ISO)
ZAZone Artisanale (French: Small Business Area)
ZAzone d'activités
ZAZul'Aman (gaming, World of Warcraft)
ZAZoo Admin (gaming)
ZAZero Adjuster
ZAzzt.archive (website)
ZA[not an acronym] Pizza
ZAZone of Action
ZAZero Adjusted
ZAZarephath (NJ, USA)
ZAZenith Angle
ZAZoneAlarm (Windows firewall program)
ZAZeitausgleich (German: compensatory time off)
zAZur Ausbildung (German: Articled)
ZAZero and Add
ZAZero Administration (networking)
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director of a prototypical charity clinic at the Zarephath Health Center in Somerset, New Jersey (2003-present).
In our free clinic, the Zarephath Health Center in central N.
For this reason, Elijah (first reading), inspired by God, went to the home of the widow of Zarephath in Sidon.
You have made of my spirit an inexhaustible vase like the jar of the widow of Zarephath.
Jesus' great miracle is similar to the stories of the prophet Elijah raising the son of the widow at Zarephath (cf 1 Kgs 17:23) and the prophet Elisha bringing the son of the widow at Shunem back to life (cf 2 Kgs 4:32-36), which showed the magnificence of God.
1 Zarephath, NJ-NYC welcomed Rick Hall to the position of Program Director.
The narrative continues with an account of God providing flour and oil to both Elijah and the widow of Zarephath for the remainder of the drought.
Directed by an angel, Elijah finds refuge in Zarephath (Akbar), where he falls in love with a young widow, journeys up the Fifth Mountain, raises the dead, questions his relationship to God, and becomes a solid citizen[mdash]all before he is carried off to heaven in the legendary chariot of fire.
God sends Elijah to Zarephath, a Phoenician territory.
16) For instance, he opened the 1525 lectures by challenging the "Jewish fable" that Jonah was the son of the Zarephath woman in 1 Kings 17, but attributed this reading to Jerome in his 1526 lectures.
8220;The College held classes in Zarephath for 103 years, and we are ecstatic to be launching our new Somerset site so close to our original home,” said Dr.