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ZHOHouston, British Columbia, Canada (Airport Code)
ZHOZoning Hearing Officer
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ZHO olceginde toplam puanlarda, ZHO-DIS puaninda ve ZHO-BS de her bir DKB icin yuksek degerler saptanmistir.
Many authors, Roman, Wigand and Wolfgang (2003), Wong, Yang and Greatbanks (2004), Biehl, Cook and Jonston, (2006), Cook and Zho (2006) utilised a five point Likert scale to convert qualitative data into quantitative used for the evaluations of performance using DEA.
At least as to the first objective, Professors Bris, Welch, and Zho say the data back up the claim.
The Zho Visual Theatre has asked for pounds 5,000 to set up a pilot scheme for 14-25-year-olds in Dingle and Toxteth to "develop artistic expression".
Known in its day as the Park Palace of Dreams, the former variety hall and cinema has been out of action for 50 years, only now brought back into use by Zho Visual Theatre.
By luck, we encountered a semi-nomadic Brokpa couple from Merek (three days' trek away), wearing incredible costumes of felt and zho skin--the zho is a cow/yak cross.
1 Cho, Zho, Jones and Schwaltzberg, "Can Surgeons Think and Operate with Haptics at the Same Time?
5 on wins by GM Ju Wenjun, GM Zho Xue and WGM Tan Zhongyi over Pham Le Thao Nguyen, Hoang Thi Bao Tram and Nguyen Thi Mai Hung, respectively.
wet| [wet pox (virus)] yeo [ewe] yon [tree] yow [ewe] Zea [maize] zho [dzo] zoa [colonial animal individuals]
A workshop was held at the 'Little Smarties Nursery' today (April 05, 2010), where children handpicked by Nahtam from key special needs and mainstream schools, worked on the wax moulds provided by ZHO for the awards.
We are working with our partner Zho Visual Theatre, which has developed a real passion for the building, to run a series of temporary events and activities in the space.
The Unity Christmas show, created in conjunction with the theatre school Hope Street and Ms Simms's own company Zho Theatre, has been a popular attraction in the city for some time and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary (although there is some debate about the date).