ZMIZakher Marine International (United Arab Emirates)
ZMIZentrum für Medien und Interaktivität (German: Center for Media and Interactivity)
ZMIZain Mobile Internet
ZMIZope Management Interface
ZMIZur Muhlen International (Denmark)
ZMIZhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd. (China)
ZMIZ Media Institute
ZMIZamorak Magical Institute (gaming)
ZMIZhejiang Materials Industry (manufacturer; China)
ZMIZendegi Mosbat Iranian (NGO)
ZMIZion Ministerial Institute
ZMIZimmerman Marine Inc. (Cardinal, VA)
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These barges are considered the most advanced in the market today, in terms of size and technology, specifically in the Mena region," Ali El Ali, executive director of ZMI, was quoted as saying in a report by WAM, the Emirates official news agency.
The VSAT connectivity we created for ZMI demonstrates this.
Sin perjuicio del reconocimiento estatal de la figura, la legalidad de las actividades en la zmi requiere del contrato de concesion, el plan de manejo ambiental en el marco del Decreto 2655 de 1988, y la licencia ambiental en el marco de la Ley 685 de 2001, la cual condiciono la legalizacion de actividades en la zmi a la capacidad tecnica y financiera de las comunidades, y recorto los tiempos para hacer valer el derecho de prelacion.
Prominent UAE-based poets mir zmi and a poet from Riyadh, Tahir Bilal, were the honorary guests.
ZMI aims to be the premier provider of marine services to the offshore industry through its commitment to providing its clients with reliable and professional marine service solutions emphasising safety, health, quality and environmental sustainability.
Zygo introduced the ZMI 501 and ZMI 404 measurement electronics .
We used a high speed mill to grind leaves (centrifugal mill type ZMI, Retsch RS1 Schwingscheibenmuhle, Haan, Germany).
ZMI is, in fact, a gathering of political radicals, a school for activists, and it's so politically exciting, so well-planned and well-realized, that if Left organizers elsewhere use it as a model, they just may have a political tool of unprecedented importance.
In the latter half of the month, Zygo announced an OEM win for its ZMI 510 Position Feedback System and also a major Optical-Lens Assembly contract.
Varhu product, its packaging and in the user manual be referred to the information under Article 16 of ZMI.