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One potential mechanism through which drugs such as Zoloft can be effective as antidepressants is by promoting neuron growth and connectivity in these brain regions.
The suit alleges that her birth defect and others have been associated with Zoloft (known generically as sertraline) use during pregnancy.
37 went to supervised exercise sessions three times per week for a total of 90 minutes, 40 were given Zoloft and 24 took a placebo, with each intervention lasting four months.
J ZOLOFT (sertraline hydrochloride), a selective seretonin reuptke inhibitor developed by Pfizer of the US, is the most prescribed drug for the treatment of depression in the world.
She has chosen to take issue with me for criticizing the use of heroin and cocaine, and for pointing out the similarity with using Zoloft.
Headquartered in Iceland, drug firm Actavis is manufacturing its generic copy of the antidepressant Zoloft on the island, which will begin shipping to Europe in October, giving it a critical head start in the market.
The defense argued that Pittman was "involuntarily intoxicated" by the antidepressant Zoloft, which he had begun taking less than a month before the killings, and that this medication caused him to experience "command hallucinations" that told him to kill his grandparents.
Food and Drug Administration how teenagers they loved had committed suicide, or tried to, while taking anti-depressants such as Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft that were approved as safe for adults.
He admits to the killings, but says he acted in a fit of agitation and psychosis caused by the antidepressant he had been taking for just three weeks, Zoloft.
We used to be the Prozac nation, but throw some Zoloft, Xanax, Ritalin, and, why not, Viagra into the mix, and you're talking party
It takes time to address medications regarding their potential for creating depression, and it often becomes much easier to simply superimpose Prozac or Zoloft onto a resident with a pharmacologically induced depression, wait to see if it works and, if it doesn't, try something else.