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ZHZürich (Swiss Canton)
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ZHZhongwen (simplified Chinese language)
ZHZijne Hoogheid
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ZHZig-Zag Hadamard (coding scheme)
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This community in the Netherlands, estimated at 300,000 persons (2% of the overall population) lives as a close social network in a circumscribed geographic area mostly in the provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, and Zeeland.
2006 Opvallend onopvallend; De onderwijspositie van Molukse leerlingen in Zuid-Holland.
Spijkenisse, which is in the province of Zuid-Holland, on the island of Voorne-Putten, has a population of about 75,000.
Waterschap Rivierland, the water authority of the Dutch provincies of Zuid-Holland, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Utrecht, has joined hands with the Netherlands-based Blue21 and Hakkers NV, and with the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) arm of the country Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) to develop a new floating PV technology dubbed Innozowa.
The European Commission's Merger Task Force has received a formal notification from German electricity supplier, PreussenElektra, over its proposed takeover of Dutch power generator Electriciteitsbedrijf Zuid-Holland for Euro 930 million (USD949.
Leemhuis- Stout, the Commissioner of the Queen for the Netherlands Provice of Zuid-Holland since 1994, is well informed of the market conditions in the Netherlands because of her current and past positions in several related industries, including the energy, agricultural and water sectors.
NS potentially had interest in a tender called by the province of Zuid-Holland covering the operation of the Dordrecht Geldermalsen route and local bus services between December 2018 and December 2026; Qbuzz was announced preferred bidder on January 10.
The province of Zuid-Holland has announced the Qbuzz arm of FS Groups Busitalia business as preferred bidder for a contract which integrates the operation of MerwedeLingelijn services on the Geldermalsen Dordrecht route with the provision of local bus services.