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ADNAAdvocacy Network for Africa
ADNAAtlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (Atlanta, GA)
ADNAAuburn District Nursing Association (est. 1919; Auburn, MA)
ADNAAbout Domain Name Appraisals
ADNAAustralian Domain Name Authority
aDNAAncient Deoxyribonucleic Acid
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aDNA hybridizations with MTC probes were conducted as described (4).
276 : << Entre la riviere du lin et Adna, il y a la riviere Sahur, la riviere des femmes, la riviere d'Abu Tawil et la riviere de la gazelle >>.
The literature on complement and ADNA as biomarkers of concurrent or future SLE flares is inconsistent at best.
Through field maneuvers and analysis, the brigade leadership of the mechanized cavalry--which included Van Voorhis and later MG Adna Romanza Chaffee Jr.
Riley provided an overview of her role as a specialist nurse in rural New South Wales and also discussed the history and activities of the ADNA.
Josten Adna and Hans Kvalbein (WUNT 127 [Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2000]), 165.
Metalsmith James Wisner of Adna, Washington, installed a match-grade 30-caliber barrel donated for the project by John Krieger of Krieger Barrels.
Ah, you come back, but if we adna picked that team weeda won.
Using our protocol of aDNA extraction and purification, we succeeded in receiving aDNA from the bone sample.
Robert Case, 13, of Chehlais, a seventh-grader at Adna Middle School in Adna, is helping to restore a 2-8-0 Baldwin steam locomotive and maintain rail tracks as a volunteer with the Chehalis Centralia Steam Railroad and Museum.
Taking full advantage of her external position, she offers the sole contribution that goes well beyond the house per se, and wanders into relatively unknown territories such as mobility, weaving together isotope, kinship and matrimonial rules, as well as aDNA and genetics.