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ABACUSa Branch and Cut System
ABACUSAssociation of Building Societies and Credit Unions (Australia)
ABACUSArmed Forces Billing and Collection Utilization Solution (Military Health System)
ABACUSArctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales
ABACUSArchitecture and Building Aids Computer Unit
ABACUSAdvanced Battlefield Computer Simulation
ABACUSAutomated Budget Analysis/Centralized User System (AFMC system)
ABACUSAssociation of Bibliographic Agencies of Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States
ABACUSAssociation for British and Chinese University Students (UK)
ABACUSAir Battle Analysis Center Utility System
ABACUSAustere Backup Communications Unmanned System
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Serving as Executive Chef at Abacus continues to be the experience of a lifetime and I am thrilled to begin working with the entire Abacus Jasper's team on these additional concepts," said Chris Patrick, culinary director of Abacus Jasper's Restaurant Group.
To date, traditional portfolio accounts at Abacus average P50 million to as high as P1 billion.
Abacus, an expense management solution, uses data and behavior analysis to make recommendations and automate expense creation and approvals.
Lockheed Martin stockholders have the opportunity to exchange all, some or none of their shares of Lockheed Martin common stock for shares of Abacus common stock, subject to proration if the exchange offer is oversubscribed.
Separately, the acquisition includes new long-term distribution agreements between Sabre and the 11 Asian airlines that previously shared ownership of Abacus with Sabre.
The participants were then asked to respond to an online survey that was developed to gather data on how the participants were prepared to use an abacus for computation; their attitudes toward the effectiveness of the abacus as a computational tool for students who are visually impaired; whether they teach computation with an abacus to their students; and, if so, which skills they teach.
Once mastered, the abacus enables you to add, multiply, subtract and divide much faster than you can with a paper and pencil.
Abacus further alleges that defendants knew for weeks, if not months, that the security systems in place were not working in that they were generating a series of flaws, malfunctions and false alarms.
Abacus Recruitment is part of the Cordant Group PLC, which has just been named 27th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 250 list companies to watch in the UK.
When the ship is caught in the ice and is being crushed, the Professor, the captain and crew, get away on lifeboats and snowmobiles leaving Abacus and his father to their fate.
The 65-year-old entrepreneur started the abacus manufacturing initiative towards the end of last year and has not looked back since.
Place numbers on your abacus by pushing earthly and heavenly beads toward the midway mark of the skewer.