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ABBRAssociação Brasileira Beneficente de Reabilitação (Brazilian Beneficent Association for Rehabilitation)
ABBRAbies bracteata (Bristlecone fir)
ABBRAnnual Benefits Base Rate
ABBRAmerican Beauty & Barber Registry
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And so, for works not on their very short list, MLA says that "you may use the abbreviations you find in your sources, or you may devise simple, unambiguous abbreviations of your own:' You see the problem here.
1957) Shortened definition of Anthropometric (body) measured parameters parameters Abbreviation Height of knee in (b [left and right arrow] ges) HKst sitting Max.
However the discussion applies to the broader use of symbols and abbreviations in mathematics classrooms and in everyday life.
This includes abbreviation expansion, word prediction, cognitive retraining software, reading and writing aids, electronic reference tools, and browser accessibility.
But not all the shorthand phrases and abbreviations used by the medical profession, which can be just as confusing to the patient as the complicated names of diseases and procedures, are as innocent.
As many as 20 per cent could not identify any of the eight abbreviations, and only 51 per cent knew that FSH stood for full service history.
That's an abbreviation for Multi Sport Vehicle - which is, according to SEAT, "a concept that combines sporty design and a dynamic driving experience with the functionality of a mono-space arrangement inside".
CAR buyers could be driving away with unsuitable vehicles because they cannot understand the complicated abbreviations used in motor advertising, it was revealed today.
Q: Do you think an abbreviation like LGBT or GLBTQ, etc.
He said: "One of the parts of my portfolio is communication and I seem to be getting bombarded with notes and briefing papers which are almost impossible to read because of the abbreviation used internally by officers.
In addition, the JLRT, or "JETRO Listening and Reading Comprehension" will become the "Japanese Listening and Reading Comprehension Test", and keep the "JLRT" abbreviation.
org, which also points out that DEHA is the standard abbreviation for diethylhexyladipate, not diethylhyd roxylamine.
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