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ABLAcademia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters)
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLAsset Based Lending
ABLAmerican Basketball League (defunct)
ABLAblative (grammatical case)
ABLAtmospheric Boundary Layer
ABLAbelson Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog
ABLAllied Bank Limited (Pakistan)
ABLA Bug's Life (movie)
ABLAbove the Law
ABLAbove Baseline
ABLAllocated Baseline
ABLAmbler, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limiter
ABLArmored Box Launcher
ABLAllegheny Ballistics Laboratory
ABLA Behavior Language (reactive planning language)
ABLAmmunition Basic Load
ABLAccra Brewery Ltd. (Ghana)
ABLAmerican Boat Listing
ABLAdvanced Bimetallic Liner (RC airplane construction)
ABLATLAS Basic Language
ABLArmée Belge Belgisch Léger
ABLAircraft Based Laser
ABL2-Acetylbutyrolactone (chemical)
ABLAdvanced Baseline
ABLAssured Billing Lookup (Accudata)
ABLAdministrative Boundary Lines
ABLAdditional Bypass Linking
ABLAbove Base Line
ABLAddress Block Locator
ABLAtmospheric Burst Locator
AbLArbeitsgemeinschaft Bäuerliche Landwirtschaft eV (Germany)
ABLActive Badge Location
ABLArmy Biological Labs (Frederick, MD)
ABLArea Business Listing
ABLAs-Built List
ABLAutomatic Bootstrap Loader
ABLArmy Battle Laboratory
ABLAutomated Base Locator System
ABLAcquire Before Launch
ABLAllocated/Above Baseline
ABLAccomplishment-Based Learning (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
ABLA Blockdiagram Language
ABLAtomic Boundary Layer
ABLAluminum Barrier Layer (tube filling)
ABLAdministration de Biens Laborde (French property management company)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Current Limiter
ABLAssociation Bibliothèque Lorousaine (French: Lorousaine Library Association)
ABLAssistance Bureautique Logistique (French computer company)
ABLA Beautiful Life (Lambertville, NJ)
ABLAlston & Bird LLP (law firm; various locations)
ABLAction Based Learning (various organizations)
ABLAdult Baseball League (various locations)
ABLAmaterska Bowling Liga (Amateur Bowling League)
ABLAcuity Brands Lighting (various locations)
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We looked at the trend in ablative procedures as compared to extirpative procedures by state (Fig.
Historically the approximative n-set of local cases can be derived from an adpositional phrase in which the postposition used to exhibit the same morphosyntactic properties as different local cases do, namely a lative (LOC+), locative (LOC=) and ablative (LOC-) one: *hepo-n loo-k 'to (beside of) a horse': *hepo-n loo-na 'at (beside of) a horse': *hepo-n loo-ta 'from (beside of) a horse .
A licensed physician can only delegate the ablative or non-ablative procedure duties to a licensed practical nurse, registered professional nurse, or other personnel if that individual has received the appropriate training, education, and experience in the safe and effective use of the systems used, and the physician has documentation of the training.
In a comparison of 51 patients treated with nonmyeloablative stem cell transplant and 251 patients treated with ablative transplant, survival at 1 year after treatment was 46% for both groups.
There are good animal data and limited clinical data showing that all of the ablative therapies can destroy breast cancer.
Phase change materials for use on WORM media are engineered, instead, to give stability, durability, and longevity and, in this respect, they actually outperform the classic ablative layers.
The NaturaLase CO2 laser offers fractional ablative resurfacing.
Nevertheless, with evidence mounting for the need to preserve as much renal parenchyma as possible, ablative technologies which require no clamping of the renal hilum will continue to play a role in the urological armamentarium; therefore, the development of newer technologies, such as LESS, should be encouraged within a controlled and regulated environment.
BOSTON -- Ablative techniques show promise for the treatment of liver and colorectal cancer, but continuing problems limit their use and efficacy, according to Dr.
cleft lip/palate) or studies of the range of psychosocial impacts associated with head/neck cancers and ablative or other treatments.
Business: Makes sealants for aircraft fuel tanks, windshields, access doors and ablative coatings that absorb heat and are used to protect surfaces and equipment.
March 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- West Virginia University thoracic radiation oncologist Alexander Chi, MD is currently the principal investigator on a potentially groundbreaking research study; a phase II clinical trial that is looking at the role of stereo-tactic ablative radiotherapy, or SABR, in the treatment of bulkier non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).