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ACCELAccelerando (Music, Gradually Increasing in Speed)
ACCELAmerican College of Cardiology Extended Learning
ACCELAllegheny College Center for Experiential Learning (Meadville, PA)
ACCELAuthority for California Cities Excess Liability (San Francisco, CA)
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Soon he discovered that by wriggling his body in just the right way at the proper time he could diminish or accelerate his oscillation, and, being a boy, he chose, naturally, to accelerate.
Leave to the diamond its ages to grow, nor expect to accelerate the births of the eternal.
I do not dispute that he may have contributed to accelerate the course of events by the moral influence, so to say, of the affront; but as to the general conduct and moral characteristics of that personage, I am in agreement with you.
The primary ways in which students accelerate their degree is by coming into a program with a lot of transfer credit and by taking advantage of accelerated options in their program.
Both of these actions shorten the duration of the single-support phase, making you unable to accelerate the hammer.
ATC-Onlane, the leading online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, today announced that it powers Ford Motor Credit Company's North American online remarketing program, called Accelerate, giving Ford Motor Credit dealers across the U.
5 At 12 yards, plant outside foot and accelerate to post.
From a legal standpoint, those costs associated with acceleration are generally recoverable by a contractor from an owner upon a showing by the contractor that: (1) any delays giving rise to the order to accelerate are excusable, (2) the contractor was ordered to accelerate, either by direct order or constructively by refusal to grant a time extension and (3) the contractor in fact accelerated performance and incurred extra costs.
In the farther future there is a possibility of a relativistic IFA, which would accelerate particles much closer to the speed of light.
Our solutions were designed from the ground up to accelerate and scale dynamic Web applications making optimization of these new applications straight forward for us and our customers.
These Oracle Accelerate solutions are the first of many scheduled to hit the market.