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One example of a new accessorial fee that was needed was Cold-Chain management of certain temperature controlled moves.
Separation and shield for signal and other grounding, interface of accessorial parts can hold inner circuit off the ESD interference effectively.
Hargovan, 'Widening the Net: Accessorial Liability for Continuous
However, the transportation cost is not all inclusive of other charges for accessorial services required to move the cargo to its destination.
As explained to us, Families First does not fully meet Title VII documentation requirements for federal payments because the documentation that DOD is to use as evidence of receipt of accessorial services does not provide adequate assurances about the propriety of these services.
The increase applies to intra- and interstate traffic, including Canadian transborder and other international lanes, as well as minimum and accessorial charges, the company said.
Note that a genuinely strict presumption of unique responsibility would pose problems for our understanding of accessorial liability, conspiracy, contributory fault, and mob violence.
65 Publications include, but are not limited to the following: linehaul rate and accessorial charge tariffs, rules tariffs, freight classifications, mileage (distance) guides, routing tariffs and hazardous materials tariffs.
GSO is able to do that with our straightforward zone-based pricing and robust point of delivery procedures, at highly competitive rates and with far fewer accessorial fees.