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I have a magic charm powerful enough to accomplish that wonderful feat, and now that we have been warned of our danger by the Nome King's invasion, I believe we must not hesitate to separate ourselves forever from all the rest of the world.
She told him he must build a castle on the other side of the lake, made of nothing but gold, silver, and precious stones, and unless he could accomplish this within an hour, the most frightful doom awaited him.
She thought it wisest to make her way as best she could out of the forest, and then to pursue the fugitives once more and accomplish their destruction either by force or cunning.
To accomplish the great desideratum of ærial navigation, it was very generally supposed that some exceedingly complicated application must be made of some unusually profound principle in dynamics.
So long as I accomplish what I desire, and make my money hold out, I shall regard the thing as a success.
To go from the door to the head of the bed was a zigzag course that he was never quite able to accomplish in the dark without collisions.
Accomplish, her innovative social productivity platform, allows professionals to break the ice and collaborate, in person.
Whether these goals are career related or family related, we create ideas around who we want to be and what we want to accomplish.
As you know, from the perspective of a healthcare executive recruiter, I am constantly fascinated by employment and how successful people accomplish great things.
Quick and easy in preparation, utilizing readily available ingredients, and requiring only a few essential kitchen tools, now anyone having to be 'ship's cook' on anything from a rowboat to a cruise ship can accomplish culinary wonders regardless of their circumstances.
As DAU's experience with PSWs has grown, the common challenge to emerge has been structuring the PSW to accomplish program needs.
These missions showed SDDC, JMC, and the transportation community that we can accomplish any mission, from humanitarian to contingency, and gave us some good exposure as to the capabilities we have here on the West Coast at MOTCO.