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ACCTAssociation of Community College Trustees
ACCTAssociation for Challenge Course Technology
ACCTAgence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique (French: Agency for the French-Speaking Community)
ACCTAssessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork (UK)
ACCTAcademy of Canadian Cinema and Television
ACCTAgency Council on Coordinated Transportation
ACCTAlliance for Community Choice in Transportation
ACCTAlgebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory (International Workshop)
ACCTAlliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
ACCTArea Consultative Committee Tasmania
ACCTAtlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy
ACCTAdaptive Computer Control Technologies
ACCTAmsterdams Centrum voor Cosmetische Tandheelkunde (Dutch)
ACCTAmerican Center for Children's Television
ACCTAlliance Canadienne pour la Commercialisation des Technologies (French)
ACCTAdults Connecting with Children and Teens (Washington)
ACCTAgency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACCTApplication of Common Characteristics and Testability
ACCTAcute and Critical Care Team
ACCTAdvanced Customized Characterization Technologies
ACCTAgency for Cultural & Technical Cooperation
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The American Institute of Accountants renames itself the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Therefore, reasoned the court, "the presence of the accountant is necessary, or at least highly useful, for the effective consultation between the client and the lawyer.
Because it concluded that a lawyer does not render "legal advice" when the work involves the preparation of a tax return, the Seventh Circuit held that tax preparation advice is not protected when an accountant provides it.
It creates new options for accountants when performing compilation engagements in which the financial statements are not expected to be used by a third party, and also allows the accountant to use his or her professional judgment in dealing with the client.
It enforces compliance with the SOA, PCAOB rules, professional standards and securities laws on the preparation and issuance of audit reports and the obligations and liabilities of accountants, by registered public accounting firms and associated persons.
Blough, the first chief accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission, also was the Institute's first full-time director of research.
Vieweg, president and CEO of the Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada) with 35,000 members in Canada and abroad, Charles B.
Demand for accountants is also being felt in academia.
SAS 100 also requires an accountant to make inquiries concerning the company's ability to continue as a going concern and presents reporting options, depending on whether the condition existed prior to the review or surfaced during the review.
The federal bank and thrift regulatory agencies on December 17, 2002, invited public comment on proposed rules governing their authority to take disciplinary actions against independent public accountants and accounting firms that perform audit and attestation services required by section 36 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.
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