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ACACAccord Commercial Anti-Contrefaçon (French: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)
ACACAssociation of College Admissions Counselors
ACACAlberta Colleges Athletics Conference (Canada)
ACACArkansas Community Arts Cooperative
ACACAmerican Council for Accredited Certification (Glendale, AZ)
ACACAir-Cooled Air Cooler (aviation)
ACACAssociation des Chasseurs À l'Arc du Cher (French hunting association)
ACACAccess Customer Advocate Center
ACACAssociation Champenoise des Automobiles de Collection (French automobile club)
ACACApparel Contractors Alliance of California
ACACAutomobile Club André Citroën (French automobile club)
ACACAutomated Direct Analog Computer
ACACAir Control Area Commander
ACACArmy Combined Arms Center
ACACArvada Child Advocacy Center
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Acetoacetate, acetone, ascorbate, and pyruvate are well-known interferents in creatinine measurements (12).
1]H-NMR spectrum was complex, but the signals from the acetoacetate ester moiety (chemical shifts given above) were sufficiently resolved to be integrated with reasonable accuracy.
Additionally, mobilization of peripheral fat stores and a high fat intake leads to a ketotic state with the production of various ketone bodies, including acetoacetate and [beta]-hydroxybutyrate.
Global Methyl Acetoacetate Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global methyl acetoacetate.
Most of the free fatty acids that enter the liver are metabolized to so-called ketone bodies: acetoacetate, [beta]-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone.
9) discussed the attractive features of amine functional emulsions combined with acetoacetate functional hardeners for producing new prototypes for the low-VOC, waterborne products with overall improvement in performance properties such as film formation, functional hardness, pot life, water and solvent resistance, etc.
Ketone bodies ([beta]-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid and acetone) are products of free fatty acid metabolism, and increased ketogenesis can be detected by the measurement of acetoacetate and acetone in the urine via the nicroprusside reaction.
Using an isolated, perfused rat heart model, Russell and Taegtmeyer (4) showed that the beating heart loses contractile function (more than 50% in 60 minutes) when oxidizing acetoacetate alone.
Those compounds include ammonia, ammonium salt4 alkylamine and/or one of their salts, hydroxylamine and/or their salts, hydrogen halide, acetoacetate, malonate, bromosuccinimide, pyridinium bromide, dioxane perbromide, permanganate, bichromate, chromate, selenium dioxide, alkali sulfite or ammonium sulfite, alkali or ammonium hydrogen sulfite or disulfite, or a thio compound and also ozone.
Ethyl acetoacetate, methyl acetoacetate, dimethyl acetoacetamide, monomcthyl aceto-acetainide, and acetoacetanilide are low-color copromoters for room-temperature cure of unsaturated polyesters.
Five weeks after parturition, cows with a high energy intake had lower acetoacetate and BHB concentrations in plasma than cows on a low energy intake (0.
The filtrate was extracted by petroleum ether, aether, acetoacetate and n-butanol in turns.