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ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHArkansas Children's Hospital (Little Rock, AR)
ACHAir Changes per Hour (ventilation)
ACHAssociation for Computers and the Humanities
ACHAdult Care Home
ACHAll Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL)
ACHAdvanced Combat Helmet
ACHAcute Care Hospital (various locations)
ACHAccess Channel
ACHArmy Community Hospital
ACHAircraft Hangar (USAF bare base deployable aircraft shelter)
ACHAngeles Crest Highway (California SR2)
ACHArmada de Chile (Spanish: Chilean Navy)
ACHAdrenal Cortical Hormone
ACHAmerican College of Heraldry
ACHAutomated Charge
ACHAttempts per Circuit per Hour
ACHAssociation Coopération Humanitaire (French: Humanitarian Cooperation Association; est. 1992)
ACHAgent Charge (freight forwarding)
ACHAmerican Clearinghouse
ACHAbove Counter Height (construction blueprints)
ACHAssault Craft Helmet (Gentex)
ACHAntenna Selection Reference Signal Channel
ACHAdler-Coppersmith-Hasner (algorithm)
ACHACCS Common Hardware
ACHAverage Call Handle (time; call center metric)
ACHAlpha-Cellulose Hydrolysis
ACHAuckland City Hospital (New Zealand)
ACHAnything Can Happen (various meanings)
ACHAcademic Credit Hours
ACHAssociation of Children's Hospices (UK)
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Several authors preferred epidural anaesthesia in pregnant women with Achondroplasia and all have used epidural catheters.
Anesthesia for cesarean section in a patient with achondroplasia
Within this article, we analyze the presence of individuals with achondroplasia in the Mayan state society of Mexico and Guatemala, during the Classical (100-950 AC) and Post-Classical (950-1519 AC) periods; likewise, in the hierarchical-chieftain society of Tumaco-la Tolita (300 BC - 600 AC) from the Colombia-Ecuador Pacific coast, and the Moche state society (100-600 AC) from the northern coast of Peru.
Achondroplasia is the commonest form of short-limbed dwarfism, affecting 1 in 26 000-28 000 newborns worldwide, with no predilection for gender or ethnicity.
Achondroplasia, hypochondroplasia and thanatophoric dysplasia: clinically related skeletal dysplasias that are also related at the molecular level.
Compound heterozygosity for the achondroplasia, hypochondroplasia FGFR3 mutations: prenatal diagnosis and postnatal outcome.
Simmonds, who will be 14 in November and has Achondroplasia (dwarfism), broke her own British record in securing victory - and her best event is yet to come.
We present a cast' of an unsuccessful lumbar puncture performed on an anaesthetised 17-year-old girl with achondroplasia who was diagnosed with and being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
I am a health visitor working in Wiltshire and have a five-week-old baby who was diagnosed with achondroplasia at birth.
The researchers used flow cytometry and statistical analysis to observe associations between a subject's age, his semen quality, and genomic abnormalities in his sperm such as DNA fragmentation, aneuploidy, diploidy, and mutations related to achondroplasia and Apert syndrome.
Patients with achondroplasia have a large head with a prominent frontal region and a depressed bridge of the nose.