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Thereafter, it can remain perfected only if the applicable requirements for perfection under the revised Article 9 (including filing the cooperative addendum or new identifying information) are satisfied before the five years expire.
The addendum and the letter from Comptroller General Bowsher are included here for your review.
The reports are entitled 'Rating Criteria for RMBS in Latin America,' and 'Rating Criteria for RMBS in Latin America Addendum - Mexico' and are available on www.
There's been a lot of information that's become available following the certification of the original EIR and I didn't believe an addendum was appropriate,'' Bellomo said.
In a nutshell, tax savings are applied to the Addendum Dental/Optical Benefits Plan as follows: Every employee's tax savings are immediately annualized and automatically paid directly to the employee's choice of any dental or optical practitioners, anywhere in the U.
Arie Mientkavich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elron and RDC said: "The execution of this Addendum brings to a successful completion the legal dispute between the parties.
The addendum provides the framework to determine rates for services provided by Sprint and reciprocal roaming rates after 2006.
At the front end, we've added another two weeks, but the city would actually save time in the long run by including the addendum in the RFP," Tonoian said.
CHICAGO, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Options Industry Council (OIC) announced today that an addendum to its Taxes and Investing brochure is now available on the OIC Web site at http://www.
payment of EUR 1,725,000 50% of the total amount on the signing of the Addendum to the PA Share Purchase Agreement; and
Addendum to Teacher's Guide Supporting Multimedia in the Special Education