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AC-adenylate cyclase activity
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Pfeuffer (46) separated the GTP-binding component using a GTP-agarose gel from an extract of pigeon erythrocytes, and demonstrated that the component may confer the adenylate cyclase activity to another component.
1977) GTP-binding proteins in mem branes and the control of adenylate cyclase activity.
Adenylate cyclase activity of mouse sperm during capacitation in vitro: effect of calcium and a GTP analogue.
By putting different combinations of the genes into yeast, the researchers determined that the RAS gene products regulate growth in yeast solely by modulating adenylate cyclase activity.
Prenatal terbutaline treatment: tissue-selective dissociation of perinatal changes in [beta]-adrenergic receptor binding from regulation of adenylate cyclase activity, Life Sci 48:269-274.