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ADITSAircraft Diagnostic Integrated Test System
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The Company expects these teams to be on site when the rehabilitation of Adit #1 is complete.
At the forefront of technological change and innovation in telecommunications across the region is Adit North East.
The principal area of mineralization, which contains lead and copper ores, is concentrated along the main adit and extends up the shaft to the connecting small adit.
I cannot find that the authority was under a duty in 1985 to disclose the existence of the adits," said Mr Justice Garland.
construction of an adit door & support structure of one adit;
Yesterday at the IT Works exhibition at St James's Park, Adit announced it had awarded an pounds 80,000 contract to Telewest Business to supply five 10 Mg and two 100 Mg circuits to three colleges ( North Tyneside, Tynemouth and South Tyneside.
They were only a short distance inside the adit, as they had no lights, when the rock slab the younger collector was retrieving specimens from came loose and he was crushed to death.
for approximately 900 m of underground development in two decline adits and AMTRAC has mobilized the majority of their primary mining equipment to site.
Also during 2005, the Company erected a gold recovery plant in the Manganeso area to process underground bulk samples from the decline adits and cross drift adits.
Our Chinese partner has done excellent exploration work to date in the form of adit sampling and surface mapping.
TABLE 1 Sample Descriptions - Columbia PII Colorado (February, 2005) Sample# North- Easting Description ing H031678 320 -1200 Gossan, boulders on steep slope H031687 1275 -1200 Gossan, abundant large and small blocks, close to bedrock Adit H031689 225 -1200 Gossan, very heavy; and H031690 125 -1200 Gossan; good exposure, chip Buenavista sample across 15 metres Hill H031697 adit 1.
In 2003, a company geologist uncovered three adits on the Guadalupe structure.