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At the same time, the idea that the inflected participle is an adjectival modifier, whereas the uninflected form is more verbal in character, does not stand up to close scrutiny, as the following examples show:
This is why this study lays the emphasis on etymological analysis, and after a brief overview of the still productive -ma, -mo, -me and -lma, -Imo suffixes, the discussion is continued with a detailed description of the obscured nominal and adjectival suffixes.
The group of idioms that perform adjectival function in the sentence consists of 6 expressions: off the air (prep+N) = netransliuojamas (per radija, per televizija); on the air (prep+N) = transliuojamas (per radija, per televizija); off the record (prep+N) = neskelbtinas (spaudoje), neoficialus; on the record (prep+N) = oficialus; in press (prep+N) = spausdinamas; hot off the press (Adj+prep+N) = (translation recommendation) paskutine karsciausia sensacija/naujiena.
Lashed to the adjectival conception's restrictive mast, however, the class action loses some of its regulatory force.
a) Can the different types of adjectival periphrasis (i.
Adjectival constructions: these are basically grammatical constructions resulting from the juxtaposition of adjectives and nouns.
Here Luke painstakingly describes the scene, piling up one adjectival phrase on another.
The classical Latin adjectival form cognate with ludus is ludicer, - cra, -crum (the masculine form ludicer is in fact not attested), but it does not mean what you would like it to mean.
Each of Moreton's chapters chronicles the pastoral power emanating from Wal-Mart--from the adjectival conflation of "Christian" and "family" to the post-colonial cross-border cosmologies of evangelical mission to South and Central America in the 1980s and 1990s.
For instance the noun square (the label of a regular shape) performs a different function to the adjectival form that describes the noun, square paddock.
Like other adjectival Shakespeares, this Shakespeare is interdisciplinary, and I have argued elsewhere that how Shakespeareans engage with the field of ecocriticism matters and that ecocriticism is, in fact, a field with which one can engage.
After all," Judge Michael Chagares wrote for the 3rd Circuit, "'personal' is the adjectival form of 'person,' and FOIA defines 'person' to include a corporation.