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ADJAmerican DJ (brand name)
ADJAdjoint (of a matrix or an operator; math)
ADJAdministration of Justice (criminal justice course; various universities)
ADJAdditional District Judge (India)
ADJAustralian Dental Journal
ADJAmman, Jordan - Civil (Airport Code)
ADJAnother Dead Junkie
ADJAction pour le Développement des Jeunes (French: Action for the Development of Youth; Togo)
ADJAustralian Designer Jewellery (Sydney, Australia)
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With the monarchy, its several adjuncts died also; wherefore there is no longer a nobility, no longer a privileged class, no longer an Established Church; all men are become exactly equal; they are upon one common level, and religion is free.
She was dressed very plainly in dark colors, and wore her own hair; all stage adjuncts and alterations
As more attention is focused on adjunct concerns, colleges and universities are taking action--with results that include better earnings, more integration with fulltime faculty and greater job stability.
Primarily the major issue is we are underpaid," said Matilda Stubbs, an adjunct who teaches cultural anthropology at Elmhurst and at other private colleges in the region.
The Department of Accounting has an ongoing need for highly qualified adjunct faculty to staff a variety of courses each semester at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Yet in 2014 the American Association of Community Colleges reported that 83 percent of residential faculty and 82 percent of adjunct faculty were white.
The financial outlook is not good for those who are reliant on an adjunct salary.
Networking allows you to get involved with the school, demonstrate interest in becoming an adjunct professor, and speak to staff about job openings.
And other two-year and four-year public colleges and universities in Arkansas don't pay adjunct professors much more.
For the adjunct, the pay is $3,000 for the course--with no office, parking, TA, gym privileges, health insurance, pension or job security, and about as much chance of being tenured as winning the lottery
com, adjunct professors, both Professional Educators and Expert Instructors, can post a free profile just by registering.
The adjunct faculty in Duquesne s McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts handily won a union election, with 85% voting in favor of the union over two years ago in July 2012.